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7 sites to get a remote job that pays in USD



7 sites to get a remote job that pays in USD

We Work Remotely (WWR)

We Work Remotely is arguably the largest remote work community in the world.

There are many tech-related remote work job opportunities here, from small startups to the biggest tech companies like Google.



This platform is fantastic for finding remote work in tech.

The UX is great, they have a plethora of opportunities, and they give heaps of data and insights too!


Angellist Talent

World’s #1 startup community specializing in remote technical talent and opportunities.

Amazing platform for remote work startup opps!

I set up a profile here a >2 years ago, & still get startups reaching out to me today.


Remote | OK

Work anywhere, live anywhere, Open Salaries.

Again, so many remote work web development opportunities for devs here.

They are completely open about salaries.


Remote CO

I personally prefer the other platforms, but this also a great platform for remote work dev opportunities.

It should definitely be part of your arsenal of sites to discover and land remote work tech jobs.


JS Remotely

This platform is awesome because it’s super specific — JavaScript remote work jobs! ⚡️🙌

There’s not as many job opps here, but they generally revolve around Frontend Development which is handy for frontend devs.


Job Board Search

Saving the best till last.

Job Board Search is a manually curated list of 350+ job boards.

Want to have an endless supply of remote work tech job opps? This is it!

Not every platform listed here is USD, but a lot are.


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