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Assistant Store Manager Job



Assistant store manager

Spokane, WA


$36,000 – $37,440 per year

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assistant store manager
assistant store manager


The Assistant Store Manager is responsible for ensuring superior customer service in the store. They must help develop associates at all levels, drive sales and profitability, and maintain effective expense and payroll budget management. They will also ensure compliance with effective inventory management and merchandising practices and all store policies and procedures.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of an assistant store manager

Customer service responsibilities
  • Provide a positive representation of the store.
  • Ensure all calls and pages are answered promptly, courteously, and effectively.
  • Proactively assist customers in solving problems.
  • Provide a friendly, outgoing demeanor; work well with customers as well as associates.
  • Greet customers entering and throughout the store. Thank customers when finished and when they are leaving the store.
  • Possess excellent product knowledge and knowledge of store layout and location of products.
  • Provide delivery to local customers as needed. Mileage will be paid by the company
  • Handle customer complaints. Work to resolve problems with the customer and have the store’s best interest taken into consideration.

• Store Operations involvement
  • Ensure a positive, professional, and safe work environment for all associates.
  • Ensure receiving, checking in, and stocking merchandise for the store is being done completely and in a timely manner.
  • Supervise the “general operations” of the entire store.
  • Responsible for maintenance of back stock levels.
  • Ensure compliance with all practices, policies, and procedures necessary to manage inventory shrink. Monitor shrink numbers and take corrective actions.
  • Responsible for ordering and maintaining desirable product inventory levels to ensure store profitability in compliance with corporate objectives.
  • Manage and direct preventative maintenance and repairs in order to maximize and protect all physical assets (i.e., building, fixtures, and equipment).
  • Oversee and assist with the daily maintenance, orderliness, and cleanliness of the sales floor, stock room, and outdoor merchandise areas


Recruiting Efforts, Customer Service, Store Inventory, Inventory Reports, Inventory Targets

Job Reference No: 03650-0012415590

Specialization No: Finance and Accounting

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