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How To Conduct A Thorough Property Titles Search In Lagos State



Checking if the property title is clear and authentic is one of the most crucial elements to consider before purchasing a land parcel. It is crucial to conduct a land title search

This means you must determine whether the individual selling the property is the owner and has all of the essential powers to transfer title to you.

It is usually a good idea to consult a lawyer or advocate to have title documents scrutinized in order to ascertain the buyer’s title and interests in the real property, the land use and zoning purpose, external or third party interests, residue or other issues.

 In most cases, it’s best to track the title back to 30 years, keeping in mind the intricacies of land papers and the restrictions that come with claiming property rights.

The good news is that you don’t have to use a title search company or a law firm to complete this process.

You can do it yourself if you have the time and opportunity.

As a result, understanding how to conduct a land title search at the Lagos Land Registry will provide you a competitive advantage in real estate investing for the rest of your life.

The process of doing a land title search and verification at the Lagos State Land Registry involves several stages.

The overall goal of verifying a landed property is to see if the land has a good root of title and if there are any faults in the property’s title.

These stages entail completing due diligence searches and investigations in the following locations, as well as many more that may be relevant to a specific property transaction:

  • Conducting a search at the Lagos State Land Registry and
  • Confirming the survey at the Lagos State Surveyor-General’s office
  • Confirm the authenticity at Corporate Affairs Commission
  • Traditional investigation

The various methods for authenticating land in Lagos State and doing a Land Registry search are briefly outlined below.

Conducting a Land Title Search At The Lagos State Land Registry

A land registry is established in every state under the Lagos State Land Registration Law.

The Lagos State Land Registry is located at the Secretariat Alausa, Ikeja Lagos, for the purposes of this article.

The Land Registry is in charge of keeping track of papers pertaining to land within its jurisdiction.

 Only properties that have been registered with the state government can be checked out at the land registry.

 A search of the Land Registry will disclose the genuine owner of the land as well as any encumbrances on the property, such as government acquisition, mortgages, or any type of leasehold.

How To Conduct A Land Title Search At The Land Registry

So, what do you need to do a land registry search in Lagos?

Prerequisites for conducting a land registry search in Lagos

  • A duplicate copy of the land registration certificate
  • Letter of application to the registrar of titles
  • Fee for the search

Steps To Take When Searching For Land At The Lagos State Land Registry

When you arrive at the Lagos land registry, you must pay the 3750 Naira mandatory search charge exclusively at the approved bank.

Once you’ve made your payment at the bank, you need to wait 15-20 minutes for the bank to generate your receipt of payment.

You must also photocopy your teller and bank receipt because the land registry is required to maintain the duplicate copy while returning the original copies of the teller and payment receipt after citing it.

You will also be given a form to complete, which will ask for basic information such as the applicant’s name, address, phone number, email address, reason for search, payment information, payment certificate number, and amount.

Take your application letter, as well as all original and photocopies of your teller and certificate, to the officer on duty. You will then be given access to a computer that contains a scanned copy of the original certificate, as well as all other required information. This method is known as E search.

What to keep an eye out for while conducting your land title search on the computer

  • Check the land description
  • The root of title of the land
  • The year of grant
  • The owner’s name and address
  • The grant type
  • The grant duration

Most importantly, see if the land has any encumbrances, such as a mortgage or restitution.

You Will Receive An Official Report At The End Of The Land Title Search That:

 1. Describes the land/property.

2. Displays the land’s history, including any land disputes, transactions or exchanges between buyers, mortgages or leases, and so on.

3. You use the information above to determine whether the land title certificate is one you can trust.

Confirming The Survey At The Surveyor-Office

This Survey General’s process entails validating the location of the land in question using the coordinates provided in the survey plan.

This stage is critical in the land verification process in Lagos.

Using the land’s coordinates and survey plan, the applicant applies to the Surveyor-office General’s to validate the registration and availability status of the land.

 The goal of this procedure is to determine whether the land is subject to government acquisition and whether the survey plan is authentic.

Confirm The Authenticity Of The Land at Corporate Affairs Commission

 Virtually all real estate businesses in Lagos are incorporated with the corporate affairs commission.

 On their website, you can check whether a real estate firm is registered with the corporate affairs commission and see if there is an encumbrance lodged against the company’s assets.

Traditional Investigation

 If the prospective land to be sold is owned by a single individual, it is necessary to undertake a traditional investigation.

This is accomplished by looking into the vendor’s family to identify the family’s main members, as well as the community in the town where the land is located, especially if the land is owned by a family or a community.

 It is critical to ensure that all family members, including the family head, have given their consent and that the family name is not void or voidable.

Physical Inspection Of The land/Property

Visiting the property in question is another process in land verification.

The purpose of a physical inspection is to reveal any defects on the title of the land/property, to confirm the physical condition of the land/property, to determine the land’s boundary, to determine if it corresponds to the coordinate or survey plan, and to determine whether it is in the possession of anyone by tenancy, leasehold, or even seizure through any anti-corruption agency.


due diligence 1

The importance of due diligence cannot be over emphasized. Make sure you confirm the authenticity of the land you want to purchase

The sophisticated nature of the Lagos Land Registry’s Land Information Management System  has made it easier, cheaper and faster to conduct a search.

As a result, you no longer have an excuse to waste your money on land frauds.

“VERIFY the land title certificate before you TRANSACT,” is a golden rule to remember.

You will burn your fingers if you break the rules. Crying will be futile once you have lost your hard earned money.

The most intriguing aspect of this situation is that the Lagos Land Registry provides irrefutable documentation of property or land title ownership.

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