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Over 125 people died in an Indonesia football stadium stampede



Indonesia football crisis_with pictures

Indonesia football stadium stampede

Indonesia football stampede armed force

On Saturday 1st, October, a stampede killed 125 people during a Liga 1 match between rivals Arema and Persebaya. As a result, Liga 1 matches were postponed due to one of the worst football disasters in history. Angry supporters invaded the pitch immediately after the full-time whistle was blown.

Indonesia football stampede armed forces

The audience was then tear-gassed by police, triggering supporters to flee in order to exit the stadium suffocation, which led to the death of over 125 people.

President Joko Widodo announced that this must be the country’s “last soccer tragedy,” and tournaments have been stopped while the Indonesian Football Association conducts an extensive investigation. It is sad that at least 125 people were killed in the crash, and over 320 injured.

Indonesia football stampede stadium
Indonesia football stadium

According to Nico Afinta, the chief of police in the area: “It had devolved into anarchy. They began attacking security personnel and causing damage to vehicles. We want to emphasize that… not all of them were anarchists. Only about 3,000 people attended the pitch.” Two police officers were also killed in the battle.
The week’s remaining Liga 1 fixtures have been rescheduled, and Arema FC has been barred from sponsoring matches for the time being.

Indonesia football crisis with pictures 1

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Indonesia football stampede_Manchester United condolences
Indonesia football stampede_Manchester united
Indonesia football stampede Liverpool condolences
Indonesia football stampede Liverpool condolences

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