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Job interview is a very important aspect in the job-hunting process. Below are tips for a successful job interview.

1. Be punctual

It is mandatory to be on time at a job interview. This will not only show your future boss how punctual and organized you are, it will also show him/her how interested you are in the job. Among other factors, this can boost your chances of getting the job. Try to get to the venue at least 20 minutes early.

2. Do your research on the company

It is important to know the company like you know yourself. Ensure you search through their website to collect information about their operations, history and values. For instance, when asked why you applied for the job; tell them how the skills you possess will be of an advantage in the organization while using their operations, history and values to support your point.

Work on the job description to be ready for questions and to provide suitable answers. Questions like, what are the tasks related to this job and how can the skills you possess fit into the descriptions you mentioned.

3. Non-verbal communication is also an important point to note

Non-verbal communication plays a major role in a job interview. Do you find yourself looking at your feet? looking nervous? Do you have your arm crossed? Do you lean on the back of your chair? Are you maintaining a good and firm eye contact with the interviewers? All these and more signs will show inward-looking attitudes to the interviewer and it might make him feel free or not to feel free.

4. Dress well

You need to have in mind that your dressing should be simple and need. Dress sober and look clean in an interview. Also try to have a good smell.

5. Be Polite to Everyone including the security personnel

Everyone here includes everyone in the organization during your visit and this includes the company’s janitors (cleaner), security personnel, front desk etc. Greet them on your way in and out of the premises, give your best smile and be friendly with every employee you will meet.

6. Be Prepared

Proper preparation prevents poor performance If you want to show how motivated you are about the job or how important this job mean to you then you should always be prepared for the interview by going along with your CV, specifically drafted cover letter and references. The employer will be impressed and it would earn you more scores as you have proved to be organized.


Remember to give a nice and firm handshake to the interviewer or employer before and after the interview. Some employer might ask the employees what they feel about you and how you behaved when you stepped into the company.

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