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Will Liverpool fans honor Her Majesty with a minute’s silence at Anfield tonight



will liverpool fan observe a minute silence for her Majesty
will liverpool fan observe a minute silence for her magesty?
  • A minute’s silence will be held at Anfield on Tuesday as Liverpool face Ajax
  • Liverpool is a club that knows how to behave in the right way in the darkest times
  • This is disrespectful to propose that Liverpool fans won’t show a good example
  • Liverpool sees the monarch differently thus there has been an uproar that they will spoil it

when the information about the Queen’s death came on Thursday evening, for a while there was an unnoticeable reaction from the Liverpool football club. As it is expected for them to feel sober about the news of the Queen’s death but nothing of such happened at that time.

There was no comment from Liverpool, it was suggested that this happened due to the fact that Liverpool fans hate the Monarchy and Liverpool would not react so as not to upset its fans.

At 8:10pm, an old photograph of the Queen handing the trophy to Liverpool captain Ron Yeats at the 1965 FA Cup final popped up with a message “Liverpool football club is saddened by the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. We extend our sincere condolences to the Royal Family.”

Liverpool obeyed protocol and procedures. There was no comment from the club because there is a directive, part of Operation London Bridge, reminding us that the correct procedure is for no official statements to be made until after the Prime Minister has spoken. Liz Truss appeared outside Downing Street roughly one hour after the news broke and Liverpool waited a respectful short while after that.

Not all the football clubs and other institutions did. While some ignored the entire instruction. That is their own decision but Liverpool among other clubs has shown they follow due process. Liverpool is a club where processes around mourning, remembrance, and commemoration matter and should be followed with care. It knows how to behave in the right way in the darkest times. Liverpool, more often than not, get it right.

So on Tuesday night, Liverpool got the UEFA permission therefore there will be a minute’s silence before the Champions League match with Ajax and it will no doubt be impeccably observed.

The suggestion that football was postponed at the weekend because Anfield could not be trusted to behave appropriately is discrediting to the club and its supporters.

The booing of the national anthem during two Wembley finals last year was a commentary on the state, not the monarch.

Liverpool feels left behind. The city feels a sense of grievance over not just the cover-up that followed Hillsborough, but many and varied socio-economic factors. It blames successive governments. God Save The Queen, as it was, is a symbol of our nation state.

It is said that if Liverpool gets to Wembley this season, the anthem will probably be booed by a section of the crowd and some will think that very wrong, but the anthem is different from a minute of remembrance. There is no history of Liverpool supporters targeting the Queen personally, far less of them sullying a moment such as this.

There has never been a question of the club failing to hold a minute’s silence to mark her death at its first home game and no question of it moving away from proper observance into the unconventional or non-committal.

The fans may feel Scouse not English, Liverpool will do only what needs to be done, what has to be done, as will every football club.

Football has been criticized for postponing its fixtures last weekend and, looking at the poignant ceremonies that took place at The Oval and Doncaster racecourse, everything seems intact and right thus it does seem an opportunity missed.

If you can recall Earlier this year when Liverpool played Manchester United at Anfield the day after it was announced that Cristiano Ronaldo and his wife Georgina had lost their newborn son. Despite Ronaldo did not play, in the seventh minute, Liverpool supporters began applauding to show solidarity with the player and his family at such a sad time.

Basically, There is no less popular club with Liverpool supporters than Manchester United and few less popular players than Ronaldo. Yet that was put aside in a collective show of empathy and humanity. The question now is, Are these the crowd that is going to ruin a minute’s silence for Queen Elizabeth II?

Largely, football supporters get it. Away from the banter and the blinkers, most people who attend football realise when a moment is too important for tribal rivalries or wider emotions to encroach.

They know this at Liverpool most of all because a vicious circle of vile disrespect has been allowed to taint commemorations of the dead of Hillsborough and Munich.

It hardly matters who started it – both sides will blame each other – but songs about Liverpool’s supposed victim mentality and gestures signifying a plane crash are common whenever the Manchester United fixture is played.

It is unedifying, upsetting – and if the minute’s silence was tarnished on Tuesday it would further risk pariah status. And who wants that?

No one likes us, we don’t care, became a rallying cry at Millwall, but is it really true?

Every club seeks appreciation, respect, if not love, from neutral observers. Imagine the horrible vortex of abuse between Manchester United and Liverpool replicated at every ground? What purpose would it serve?

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