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Great tips! Making an extra dollar Online



Making an Extra $15 a day online

Making an extra dollar

Tips to Make an Extra $15 a day to $450 a month – A Dollar per time

We have lots of articles teaching us how to earn $100, $200, or even $300 in a day from following some side hustles rules.

However, If you are someone that doesn’t need or want to make that much money?

Instead of earning $300 a day, maybe you would just like to earn an extra $450 a month. That comes out to $15 a day for 30 days.

I’ve written extensively on how to make money online yet I often get emails and calls that some days people struggle to get as low as $10 from a single site like Amazon KDp or other freelancing sites because there might not be enough tasks that suits their ability.

Therefore, I have decided to take out time to break down my strategy further, finding short or quick jobs that can pay quick dollar that can be repeated on a daily basis to the end of the month.

The trick is simple. What you should do is find 10 quick ways to make a dollar, YES $1 which is $1 x 10. Then, repeat your strategy every day. Your extra $10 a day will at the end of the month turn into an extra $300.

Though I am new to Amazon MTurk which was introduced to me by a friend in the United States but the earnings look pretty good.

Here is the secret I learnt from these platforms that earn me as low as $1 per task.

First Dollar: I wake up every morning as early as 4 am to perform tasks on Swagbucks and earn $5 dollars for each study task which might take up to ten-minute (I do at least 5 tasks each morning)

Second Dollar: My next two dollars also come from Swagbucks where I do a 12-minute survey.

Third Dollar: I participate in 3 more surveys to increase my pay rate to at least $3

Fourth Dollar: I log into my Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) and check for short transcription tasks that take four to five minutes and pay $1.00 each.

Fifth Dollar: After the transcription task, I perform another five-minute survey on MTurk that pays another one dollar.

Sixth Dollar: I earn 3 more dollars by completing six short surveys that pay $0.50 per survey. All six takes me almost 15 minutes to complete.

Seventh Dollar: Next, I log into my InboxDollars account and take a five-minute consumer research study that pays a dollar per study and I take at least 3 research studies (To make more money and to broaden my understanding)

Eight Dollar: I get $3 each time I spin using my InboxDollars prize wheel. (A free spin is earned each time you complete a task)

Ninth Dollar: I revisit either Swagbucks or MTurk to perform more tasks (Survey, short transcription, or study task) this is to earn an extra dollar or more.

Tenth Dollar: Lastly, I earned my last dollar by completing another consumer research study that is an extra five minutes.

In total, I earned $15 in about an hour then I kick off the day’s activities. That comes out to almost $30 within an hour if you are calculating my return accurately. While the tasks and their respective time commitments might be a little different tomorrow, this strategy is really simple and easy to emulate on a daily basis.

Furthermore, I did this with just three sites — MTurk, Swagbucks, and InboxDollars. But there are lots of other get-paid-to (GPT) sites you can use as well.

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