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Before delving into what portfolio management is, it is important to give a brief of what a portfolio is.

A portfolio is a collection of projects or programs used to structure and manage investments at a functional or organizational level in order to optimize operational efficiency or strategic benefits.

A portfolio can be seen as having several investments and ensuring the need to weigh the investments using relevant metrics.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is the process of choosing the best investment tools for an investor in terms of the lowest risk and highest possible returns.

Portfolio management deals with selecting, prioritizing and controlling an organization’s programs and projects in accordance with its strategic objectives and capacity to deliver. Most portfolio is best managed under the guidance of expert portfolio managers.

The goal of portfolio management is to balance the implementation of change initiatives and the maintenance of business operations while optimizing the return on investments made.

Portfolio management can be seen as a coherent, focused strategy for managing investments in a harmonized fashion than just buying and selling a collection of individual investment holdings.

A portfolio entails managing a group of investments under an overall umbrella known as a portfolio It comprises one or more investment channels or a collection of various investments. For example, a portfolio of a retirement accounts or health insurance accounts and a taxable investment account.

Portfolio asset classes may include a mix of stocks, mutual funds, policies, shares bonds, and cash which is held through a combination of individual stocks and bonds or through mutual funds.

In addition, portfolios may include alternative investments in form of real estate, private equity, or precious metals.

When selected programs and projects focus on deploying outputs, outcomes, and benefits, respectively, portfolios exist as coordinating structures to support a such deployment by ensuring that there is optimal prioritization of resources to merge strategic intent and achieve the highest investment turnover.

To shape the portfolio, there is a need to seek out visibility plans of the constituent projects and programs and agree on how this can be reshaped depending on

  • The ability of the organization to resource the total portfolio
  • Any identified changes to strategic direction or pace of strategic implementation.

Often time, governance may align entirely with corporate governance. If this is not so, it is important to establish a clear understanding and buy into the portfolio prioritization process from the executive team.

Objectives of Portfolio Management

Portfolio management should be streamlined according to the overall financial objectives of an investor. An investor may decide to hold certain portfolios in order to meet up some future obligations such as saving for children’s education, buying a home, saving for retirement, investing in a bigger portfolio, etc.

In most cases, an investor has multiple financial objectives that are tied to their reason for investment.

Portfolio management should be invested in a way that assists you in the maximization of your returns on investments while minimizing risks to achieve your reason for investing (financial objectives).

Portfolio should be managed in a way that is consistently in line with the investor’s income, goal, budget, investment, and time horizon in which funds is needed and their tolerance level of downside risk and/or market risks in their investment.

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