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Six Important Reasons Why You Need To Buy A Land At Epe



I visited Epe recently and was marveled at the rapid development in that axis. I have always known that Epe will develop but I never knew that it will be this fast.

Let me give you a little background history of Epe

Epe lies on the north bank of the coastal Lagos Lagoon and has road connections to Ikorodu and Ijebu ode

Indigenes of Epe are into exportation of Agricultural products like coconut. cassava, palmoil, fish, maize etc

The former Governor of Lagos state Akinwunmi Ambode and the current Deputy Governor of Lagos state, Dr Obafemi Hamzat are from Epe.

Akinwunmi Ambode, the former Governor of Lagos converted this small city to a modern metropolis with superb road networks, bridges, streetlights, and resorts.

What the poor man survive on in Epe is fishing.

It is no longer a secret the Epe holds The Future of Lagos in terms of investment.

Epe is expected to be the next megacity to emerge from Lagos State after Ibeju Lekki, and land prices are rapidly increasing in keeping with this prediction.

Epe is expected to become a major industrial hub and mega smart city in Lagos by 2023. The value of land in Epe is rapidly increasing.


The following are some of the reasons why you should acquire land in Epe.

buy epe land

1.Epe is part of a neighborhood close to the Lekki free trade zone. The Lekki free trade zone is an important conservation foundation that spans thousands of acres.

Its goal is to lower trade obstacles between Nigeria and other nations. Both the Nigerian federal government and the Lagos state administration have approved the free zone.

In light of this, properties in Epe are rapidly increasing in value as a result of the projected and existing development.

Epe is also conveniently located near the city heart of Alaro, which spans over 2000 hectares.

Warehouses, schools, hotels, offices, and healthcare facilities are all located in the Alaro city.

2. Epe is part of the New Lagos neighborhood. Ibeju Lekki, where the Lagos Free Trade Zone is located, is less than a 25-minute drive away and is home to the Dangote Refinery, the New Seaport, the New Airport, the Smart City, various international firms, and much more.

3. Epe is home to colleges and universities, giving potential investors a sense of what they can achieve with the site.

Epe is home to the prestigious Yaba College of Technology, Augustine University, and Michel Otedola College.

Investors have responded by building educational infrastructure such as hotels, restaurants, and other facilities

4. Epe also has good road networks: the Epe road network connects to Ikorodu and Itokin, as well as Ijebu Ode.

lekki epe express road

Craneburg a reputable road construction frm was in charge of the road building and design work in Epe, which lasted 16 months.

As you can see, buying a house in Epe is essential for accumulating money.

5. Epe’s land is inexpensive: Because Epe is a rapidly expanding area of Lagos state with adequate transportation networks, landed property is rapidly appreciating.

If you are ready to invest, a property can be obtained for as little as 1000,000 naira.

6.Epe has affordable housing: Owning a home or property in Epe is less expensive than in any other part of Lagos state.

Epe is your best bet if you are a middle-class investor searching for a more habitable and tranquil spot to invest in Lagos state.

The cost of labor is lower than in other parts of the state. Unlike the Lekki and Ajah axis, which are prone to flooding when it rains,

Epe has a dry topography and building materials are relatively inexpensive in this section of Lagos state.

Estate At Epe

We have amazing Estates at Epe in very strategic locations and with good titles. One of our property at Epe will be listed here, but you can contact us for many other cheaper options.

The Lagoon Front Estate is Located after Alaro City, along Lekki Epe Expressway after the Lekki-Epe link bridge Epe, Lagos.

Lagoon front estate is strategically located in the already habitable main portion of Epe town with an extra benefit that it is bordered by a lagoon.

So you have amazing beach views and an accessible waterway with a planned jetty in an already residential area of Epe.

Other estates and/ or institutions within 3km radius of The Lagoon Front Estate are: Lekki Free Zone, Proposed International Airport, Deep Seaport, Epe Resorts and Spa, Neander International School, Epe Local Government Office, Access Bank, Ikorodu-Epe Road.

lagoon front estate epe

Affordable payment plans for 500sqm available are:

500sqm N10,000,000

6 Months N10,5000,000

12Months N11,000,000

18Months N11,500,000

Commercial Plots directly facing the beach with access to the planned jetty attracts an extra N5,000,000 and corner piece plots – N800,000 extra.

300Sqm N6,000,000 – Outright Payment

6 Months N6,500,000

12 Months N7,000,000

18Months N7,500,000

The land is free from every known encumbrance and no adverse claimant on the land, it is government allocation land – the safest you can get in any state in the Fedral Republic of Nigeria.

Estate Features • Perimeter fencing • Motorable & Accessible Road • Estate Gate House • Electricity *drainange *transformer *Street light * Recreation Facilities *security

Other payments for the land? • Survey plan – N 500,000 • Legal documentation – N250,000 • Developmental Fee – N 4,500 per sqm

After completion of payments for the land you would get?

  1. A duly executed receipt of purchase
  2. Contract of Sale
  3. Copy of Survey plan o Letter of allocation ( After completion of payment for the land)

The title on the land is Government Allocation (fully paid) /C of O, the safest type of title you could ever get.

You have a guarantee 100% returns of investment within 12 Months because apart from the fact that Lagoon Front Estate is already in a habitable portion of town, the road network is very good and solid; the alaro city; spread over 2000 hectares –

The major drive of investment in Epe over the past few years is fast developing and attracting tons of international and local investors (over 50) also an international airport that would help accessibility.

This first-of-its-kind Lagoon front estate in Epe would be the only one with a beach view at the moment. It would be similar to the Ikoyi foreshore’s banana island model, but none of the estate is recovered. 100% dry terrain with a view of the beach

Physical Allocation of Plots will be given immediately after complete Payment is made.

In Conclusion

Because the area’s growth continues to improve property values, owning more than a landed property in Epe is a great investment.

So, if you’ve made a lot of land investments at Epe, you’ll be among the investors who will reap the rewards in the future. So don’t delay!, because now is the best moment to acquire land at Epe.

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