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Skills You Posses As a Virtual Assistant That You Do Not Know



virtual assistant skills

Virtual Assistant Unknown Skills

Virtual Assistant careers are speedily becoming a trendy new industry valued at over $1.6 billion. I’m sure that figure is enough to stir up your desire to participate, but you are wondering precisely what virtual assistants do.

While working alongside busy entrepreneurs such as authors, real estate agents, life coaches, fitness coaches, business owners, and interior designers, virtual assistant tasks can range from personal arrangements to high-profile marketing.

A virtual assistant has a high worth while freeing up busy entrepreneurs’ time from everyday activities and time-consuming projects. “A virtual assistant can be just as irreplaceable as your smartphone when it comes to optimizing strategies, tools, and hints that generate growth, good opportunities, and sustainment in your personal sphere,” an entrepreneur said during an interview after a business submit.

The advantages of working as a virtual assistant are practically limitless as you can work from home or anywhere in case you get stuck, which means you can save money that would have been spent on transportation, you do not have to commute, and you will ultimately save your boss money on office space, that also means you can get higher pay.

Another exciting benefit is choosing the hours that work best for you and your routine. You primarily get to select the kind of boss and the types of clients you want to work with. The list is endless. As you can see, the benefits of becoming a VA are numerous.

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Although some of the more skill sets are taught on the job or through real-life experiences, you already possess many skills that would make you an excellent VA without knowing!

Below is a list of the top 10 skills you already possess that will enable you work at the comfort of your house as a virtual assistant

1. You Reply to Your Email

If you can write, respond to, and forward your emails. You could work as a virtual assistant. Unfortunately, Busy entrepreneurs do not have all the time to respond to each email and may receive hundreds of irrelevant emails daily. Now, this is where you come into the picture! Your prospective client will be delighted to pay you for your time sorting through the junk emails and flagging the most important ones, which leads us to the next skill you probably already have.

2. You Post On Your Personal Facebook Or Instagram Account

Since you have your own Facebook or Instagram account and you have been the one operating it then it means you already have good knowledge of how these social media platforms work.

Who does not enjoy receiving reactions likes, and comments on their Facebook or Instagram pages? I’m sure that’s why you aspire to communicate your best and favorite content with the rest of the world via your social media platforms.

As a Virtual Assistant, you can transfer these skills to your client and earn more money from it by reaching several hundred or thousands of followers each day, supporting them in expanding their followers and boosting their business.

3. Managing Of Facebook Group And Pages

If you have mentally confirmed that you possess a few of the above competences this mean you know how to manage people and you probably have the skills to manage the Facebook group of your boss.

You will be able to sort out members with problems, address pending notifications, add calendars, schedule posts, and a lot more by utilizing your incredible managerial and organizational skills.

You should also be able to answer or proffer answers to members’ questions if you are extremely resourceful and can navigate using Google.

4. Being Organized

Being organized is crucial in any organization, even if it is just you and the client! You could assist clients by arranging Bootcamp, meetings, conference calls, or events. You might be able to assist them in organizing their data or content to increase their efficiency and reach out to more clients.

Your prospective customers need to concentrate their valuable time on their skills and ambitions; whether they are coaching, styling, writing, or attending to other pressing career needs, they need someone with VA skills to assist them in maintaining everything.

5. Constructive Communication

Busy entrepreneurs want someone who is friendly but professional and who can be counted upon to respond when the need arises. You should be able to answer phone calls, emails, and other messages in a timely and respectful manner is a good way to demonstrate to a prospective client that you are actually prepared for the job.

While you might want to go casual by answering the phone with a “Hey, girl!” It is important to maintain a professional attitude and your voice should represent your loyalty to providing assistance your client.

6. You are Creative in your ways

Just because you will be working for someone else does not mean you won’t be capable of expressing yourself skillfully! As a Virtual Assistant, you will be responsible for creating content for your client’s website or social media accounts.

If you can generate content, images, videos, or advertisements for upcoming shows, or if you have other ideas of this nature, there is currently an individual waiting for you to start creating content for them as their virtual assistant and they are willing to pay you well for it.

7. Writing Skills

This is a skill that you posses,s but are not aware of. If you’ve got any writing experience (this can actually be gotten from high school or college), you might turn such experience into some dollars by helping prospective clients reduce some burdens.  

Emails, instant messages, blogs, Facebook posts, tweets, and other forms of writing can all be assigned to you. 

Customers will be astounded by your writing abilities if you are creative enough and you can pass some meaningful messages; this include an amazing vocabulary, correctly spelt words, and outstanding command of grammar.

8. You are good at Conducting Research

Google has made it easy for everyone to get ANY answer to their questions, But a few people seem not to be able to run quickly to seek help from google. If you are among those that “google is your friend” then the next question is, why not get paid for using google? Clients will employ you to find trending topics and styles on their behalf to help them comprehend their customers’ requests and needs.

9. Pinterest

An image is worth a thousand words, and obviously, your Pinterest posts could be worth thousands of dollars if well communicated. Believe me when I say that busy entrepreneur don’t have time to choose the perfect font, perfect image, and even write a compelling description that is if they know how to select an image at all. And that is why they will pay you to do it for them so utilize the golden opportunity to showcase your skills.

You can go a step further by tactfully engaging with others on Pinterest to develop your client’s followers, which will invariably enhance the client’s web traffic, allowing you to dance all the way to the bank.

10. Typing

You are obviously proficient in typing if you use modern technology. Typing is an essential skill to possess as a virtual assistant since it will be required in many of your tasks. You might need to write articles, produce copyrighted content, summarize research, or transcribe an audio clip in addition to emails and blogs.

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