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The College of Wooster Admission



The College of Wooster Review

The College of Wooster Review


The College of Wooster Review
The College of Wooster Review

We are delighted that you are considering Wooster as part of your college search, and we look forward to learning more about you as a result of this process.

To fully assess your candidacy for admission, the College of Wooster employs a holistic review process, so all materials you choose to submit will be considered.

Our Admission Committee considers various expressions of a student’s qualities and abilities, including educational achievements, extracurricular activities, character, and the promise to contribute to the intellectual and social life of our distinct academic community. Students can choose to include their performance on standardized tests.

If severe weather or another crisis (such as a natural disaster, community tragedy, or teacher strikes) causes you to miss a standardized test date, prevents you from taking the test. Please notify our Admissions Office if your school is unable to submit materials on time or causes other unanticipated hardships.

Send us an email at, and we’ll get back to you with some options.

First-Year Applicants
U.S citizens or permanent U.S residents entering college for the first time APPLY HERE
Non-U.S or non-permanent U.S residents entering college for the first time   APPLY HERE
Transfer Applicants
Students who began their college academic career at another institution. APPLY HERE
Gap Year/Deferred Applicants
Students who choose to defer enrollment for a semester or year. APPLY HERE
Homeschool Applicants
Students who completed their academic work through a home-schooling program. APPLY HERE

To get FAQ for international student Click Here

How to apply Click Here

This scholarship section ONLY contains summarized details of available scholarships therefore, it is NOT the official scholarship page. We strive to keep you abreast of scholarship information, and we endeavor to keep the information provided updated and correct.

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1 Comment

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