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UBalt CARES and HEERF Grants – FAQ



FAQ - University of Baltimore Creative writing

UBalt CARES and HEERF Grants FAQ – University of Baltimore

Frequently asked questions – FAQ

University of Baltimore - UBalt CARES and HEERF Grants FAQ
University of Baltimore – UBalt CARES and HEERF Grants FAQ

What kinds of expenses are allowable?

Expenses might include anything connected to attendance costs for instance

• A laptop is considered necessary because UBalt has moved to online courses; thus, this is an allowable expense.

• The Campus Pantry had hitherto been used to purchase food or other household supplies.

• On-campus printing services must now either pay for printing or purchase a printer, these are allowable expenses.

• Tuition/fees, housing, food, health care, course materials, technology, or childcare can all be paid for with these funds if granted.

How many grants can I apply for?

Students may apply for up to $1,000 in funding for the Fall 2023 semester. UBalt has a minimum amount granted, and UBalt praises students only requesting what is essential, so we can serve as many as possible students.

Can I reapply if I owe a fee and tuition balance?

Yes, the grant’s purpose is to help UBalt students who have been affected by the coronavirus. 

If approved, it will be refunded directly to the student rather than applied to a student account balance. 

You may implement the scholarship to any outstanding amount of grants obtained.

Can I appeal if my application was denied?

If your application was denied, but you meet all other eligibility requirements, you will be notified to submit additional information for review of your application by

Will I repay CARES/HEERF Grants?

No, the funding is in the form of a grant. It is not obligated to be repaid.

Is this funding going to reduce my financial aid?

No, this fund does not invalidate or substitute financial aid, and it is only available once.

How will I get the grant if approved?

You can enroll in direct payment through platform like Cashnet by following the instructions on the Student Refunds page.

If you have not created an account for direct payment, a cheque will be mailed to your registered local address. 

Log in to the Maryland Online Services Center to track your refund. To use this site, you must first register as a vendor by entering your taxpayer identification number or social security number. R28 is the University of Baltimore agency code needed to view the refund status.

As a student, Can I apply for funding more than once?

A student is only eligible to apply once for each semester. UBalt will re-evaluate available funding at the end of every semester and update their page for future term applications.

Is there a deadline for this application? The summer 2022 semester application deadline was August 8, 2022 and further application deadlines will be communicated.

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