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Great Opportunity to Study at the University of Luxembourg – Admission



University of Luxembourg - Admission

University of Luxembourg – Admission

Study in Luxembourg.

Tuition fees are around 200 Euros per Semester and there is free public transportation

Application for admission

Becoming a student in Luxembourg

Preparation and anticipation costs

Application procedure (University of Luxembourg)

Steps to submit an application for admission:

1. Select one to three study programs.

2. Fill out and submit the online application.

3. Payment of the administrative file fee (50€ per application) if requested

4. Receive an email prompting you to create a temporary account.

5. Upload the necessary documents for the chosen study program (s)

6. Complete your online application.

The maximum number of study programmes and fields of study for which simultaneous applications for admission can be submitted is 3 (Study Regulations, Chapter 1, Art. 1).

Stages of your application:

1. The SEVE (Service des Études et de la Vie Étudiante) verifies your application’s eligibility and completeness.

Depending on the status of the application, the SEVE will either

i. reject the application if it does not meet the admission criteria or 2. accept the application if it meets the admission criteria.

ii. request that the applicant provide any missing documents.

iii. forward the file to the evaluation committee of the relevant study program

2. The SEVE forwards the complete and eligible application to the study program’s evaluation committee.

3. The SEVE will inform you of their decision.

The SEVE notifies you of

i. your final admission based on the selection committee’s evaluation.

ii. your conditional admission

iii. the placement of your application on the waiting list 4. your rejection

iv. Payment of enrolment fees

The payment of the enrolment fee validates your final registration. Your student status is then official and will be maintained throughout the semester.

Payment is only possible if all criteria and conditions are met.

Click here for full application details

This scholarship section ONLY contains summarized details of available scholarships therefore, it is NOT the official scholarship page. We strive to keep you abreast of scholarship information, and we endeavor to keep the information provided updated and correct.

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