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University of Maryland Baltimore – Graduate School

Progressions and Graduation Forms

Forms for Progressions and Graduation

Progression and graduation forms are used to process degree and graduation clearance for students approaching the end of their careers. To earn your degree, you should first complete the requirements by the graduation deadlines.

Kindly recheck the required forms and deadlines with each section as they correspond to your academic degree.

Please be informed that we are transitioning our form operations to an electronic form model, that will be powered by the DocuSign website. All of our forms would eventually be converted to the DocuSign service.

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Doctoral Degree

• Admission Application to Candidacy for the Doctor of Philosophy degree. [DocuSign]

• To request for a 5-Year Mandate Extension [DocuSign]

• Nomination of Final Doctoral Dissertation Examination Committee Members [DocuSign]

o Due six months before the thesis defense

• Diploma Application Online information [Info | Apply]

• Request for a 4 Year Rule Extension [DocuSign]

• Certification of Preparedness to Defend the Doctoral Dissertation [DocuSign]

o It is due two weeks before the defense

• Declaration of PhD Defense [DOC | PDF]

o It is due two weeks before the defense

• Approval Sheet [DocuSign]

o Authorization Sheet should be filled out only after the student has completed their dissertation thesis defense and the Committee has approved the final draft.

• Ph.D. Discharge Survey [Information]


Master’s Degree

• Member Nominations for the Final Master’s Thesis Examination Committee [DocuSign]

o Due two months before the thesis defense

• Request for a 5-Year Rule Extension [DocuSign]

• Diploma Online Application [Info | Apply]

• Certification of Readiness to justify the Master’s Thesis [DocuSign]

o Due two weeks before the defense

• Approval Sheet [DocuSign]

• Master’s Degree Requirements Completion Certification [DOC | PDF]

o Lastly, Due on the last day of the semester

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

• Online Application for Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Diploma [Info | Apply]

Other Types / Forms

• Certification of Clinical Internship Completion (For Human Services Psychology Students Only) [DocuSign | PDF]

• Approval to Attend the Commencement Ceremony Before Completing the Clinical Internship (For Human Services Psychology Students Only) Request [DocuSign | PDF]

• Application for a Duplicate Diploma – For previous students seeking another printed diploma. Only in print form. [PDF]

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